1992 Dream Team vs. 2012 Dream Team – Lebron and Kobe Win! (Part I: Advantages)

Posted: July 27, 2012 in NBA
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(This article has been divided into 3 parts, Advantages, Breakdown, and Match-ups. Check out all three parts here, on Beastmodebasketball.com)

Part I: Advantages

Oh, here it comes, “How dare you say this team could beat the original dream team!” “Don’t you know who was on that team – Magic, Bird, JORDAN!” “This year’s team doesn’t have any size, the 92 team had Patrick Ewing, David Robinson, Barkley, and Malone” … on and on and on..

My response to these comments and comments like these is simple, so very simple! Check it out below!

1992 Advantages (3)

  • Michael Jordan aka “The Greatest of All Time” (Magic, and Bird are legends but they were well past their prime in 1992. In fact, Larry Bird only averaged 8.4 pts. per game and 1.4 assists.)
  • Size – Patrick Ewing, David Robinson, Karl Malone..Enough Said!
  • Charles Barkley – Led the team in scoring with 18 pts. per game.

2012 Advantages (4)

  • Lebron “King” James – Three MVP’s and a Championship Ring
  • Speed/Quickness – The Speed of this team would overwhelm the 92 Dream Team!
  • Kevin Durant – 6’10 Shooting Guard with hops!
  • Athleticism – Sure the 92 Team had Jordan and Barkley but the 2012 team has Lebron, Durant, Westbrook and Iguodala! (Imagine if Blake Griffin didn’t get injured and was still on the team!)

This is the end of Part I. Check out Part II here at Beastmodebasketball.com!

Coach Beast


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