Beastmode Basketball Training will specialize in Instructional DVD’s that teach young ballers the skills they need to know to make it to the highest level.          Our DVD’s will never be boring! Our DVD’s will never be dry! Beastmode DVD’s will feature NBA or WNBA ballers who will teach you the skills that make them great. You won’t have to worry if you are practicing the right drills, because you will learn the drills from professionals!

Our first DVD will feature Kobe Bryant teaching you how and why he performs most of his offensive moves using the “triple threat position.” He will also explain to you why all young ballers need a “beastmode” mentality. He states that “every time I step on the court, I am out to prove that nobody can stop me – except me.”

Kobe Bryant Black Mamba Releases on May 1st – and it’s free. Contact me for more details.

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Train Hard,

Coach Beast

Meet Coach Beast

Posted: March 21, 2012 in Training

I am a former Mid-major Collegiate Basketball Player (Philander Smith College) who had dreams of playing basketball, professionally. I failed to reach my basketball goals because of ignorance with regards to training and ignorance with regards to preparation. I had the work ethic, I didn’t have the “know how.”
The mission of Beastmode Basketball is to help young ballers avoid making the same mistakes I made. Beastmode has been created to teach, train, and prepare young basketball players to play at the highest level.
– Coach Beast

burning Letter

The Beastmode “B” Represents the Burning Desire of Every Young Baller who dreams of playing in the NBA or WNBA!

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