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Lebron James just left veteran agent, Leon Rose to sign with his long time friend, Rich Paul. Rich Paul’s new sports agency, Klutch Sports Management will be based in Cleveland, Ohio – where Lebron and his three childhood friends grew up. The King is not just remaining loyal to his friends, he is still supporting Cleveland business even though he left his home team on bad terms.

Lebron remained loyal to his high school sweetheart who is the mother of his sons by marrying her this past year.

Lebron remained loyal to his closest friends by allowing them to manage his business deals.

Now, Lebron is showing his ultimate loyalty by allowing Rich Paul to seek and secure all of his endorsements and future business deals. Lebron’s finances are now in the hands of one of his closest friends. Many people would call that stupid.. I call it Loyalty!

Much Respect for the King,

Coach Beast